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The blog that inspires leaders in the UK education sector

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From firefighter to trailblazer: strategic planning for school business leaders

Top advice for SBMs

Short on time? Download this list of the most salient pieces of advice from the webinar - everything you need to develop strategic planning in school business management. 

Are you ready to take a strategic role in planning for the future sustainability of your school, academy or trust? Matthew Clements-Wheeler offers practical insights into the changing role of the SBM.

School business management professionals are evolving from being the fixers in the back office to strategic business leads, helping to ensure a secure future for their schools and organisations.

But what does this look like in practice? In the first of our new SBM training series, we explore some frameworks and tools for strategic decision-making, and consider key questions to ask when planning ahead.

Listening to this webinar and using the associated resources will enable you to:

  • understand the difference between operational and strategic thinking
  • approach strategic planning for key areas such as succession planning, staffing, budgeting and facilities
  • get equipped with key questions and analytical tools to use in the strategic planning process
  • find ways to deal with potentially conflicting priorities and lead the decision-making process.

Reading and resources

The NASBM standards

Map your newly-acquired skills onto the NASBM professional standards and use this as clear evidence of your continued professional development.

This webinar particularly supports:

  • Leading support services - strategic direction and providing leadership
  • Behaviours - change catalyst and decision maker.