Alex Masters

Early years pupil premium funding: expert advice from Dr Julian Grenier

How should you implement the new early years pupil premium funding? Watch this two-minute video interview with Dr Julian Grenier, headteacher and national leader of education, to gain expert advice you can start implementing today.

The Department for Education’s introduction of the early years pupil premium in April has been well-received. However, it has prompted many concerns about how to implement the funding. At our recent Optimus Education conference: ‘Early Years Pupil Premium: Supporting Development and Closing the Gap’, we spoke to Dr Julian Grenier, head of a teaching school. He grouped the advice into three key areas:

  1. Eligibility: ‘Make sure that you and your staff are very clear who the eligible children are.’
  2. Collaboration: ‘Use a range of information and pull together a picture of what seem to be the barriers to learning.’
  3. Process: ‘Have a robust process of using the pupil premium so it is going to make a difference.’

[vimeo 135242747 w=500 h=281]


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