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Managing conflict: strategies for school business leaders

Don’t let a fear of conflict stop you from stepping up to leadership. Watch this webinar to get a better understanding of the role of conflict and tools to manage it.

Listening to this webinar will increase your confidence and effectiveness in resolving conflict in the workplace. It will enable you to:

  • understand what conflict is and why it happens
  • understand the potential positive place for conflict
  • know when to address conflict and when to mediate
  • get strategies and top tips for dealing with workplace conflict.

Many of us find conflict hard to handle. However, in order to progress in our roles, lead teams effectively and influence others, we need to be able to deal with conflict – and recognise its positive potential.

The NASBM professional standards

Map your skills onto the NASBM professional standards and use this as evidence of your professional development.

This webinar particularly supports:

  • Leading support services – provide leadership, use of public funds and operational effectiveness
  • Behaviours – challenger and collaborator

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