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Lizzie Gait

The most efficient form of recruitment is retention

Here at Optimus HQ, we often end up having debates about education and this time we ended up on the topic of recruitment and retention. Training lead, Lizzie Gait, offers schools top tips for retaining staff.

The figures around NQT retention are, in the words of Sir Michael Wilshaw, ‘a national scandal’. It is reported that two-fifths of teachers leave the profession within five years. With so many leaving the profession, the cycle of recruitment is constant. But at what cost?

Placing an advert

It’s a costly business, and can cost you between £100 and £1500 depending on your requirements, how much exposure you want and whether you’re planning on adding a logo.

Recruitment agencies

Efficient and easy they may be, but using a recruitment agency is not cheap. Often commanding a flat fee, or up to 20% of the successful candidate’s salary, it’s hard on your school’s budget. Factor in on top of the above, the cost of additional training, DBS checks and the time taken out of your diary interviewing and recruitment becomes a significantly less appealing option. So, what’s the best way of saving money on recruitment fees? Not needing to recruit, that’s what! Not only is it beneficial to your budget, but keeping a stable staff body helps pupils too, since they don’t need to readjust to new teaching styles at the end of every term or year.

Good practice in retention

So, how can you ensure in practice that your staff want to stay? Here are a few top tips for keeping your teaching staff happy.

  • Consider home-life balance: job-sharing can be great for those who have additional life commitments, as can shared appointments between your organisation and another.
  • Training opportunities: keep colleagues stimulated and promote continued learning - allow them opportunities to grow in their roles and develop in their careers.
  • Social life: why not consider arranging something nice to do together? It’s a great way of relaxing and unwinding and can really help promote team spirit!
  • Opportunities for progression: do you make it clear how your staff can get promotions? Let them know what they can do to increase their chances and spur them towards success!
  • Mindfulness training: mindfulness is a great way to develop self-awareness, deal with stress, anger and difficult relationships and improve performance.

What next?

Having trouble accessing the resources above? Why not find out how Optimus supports schools with their CPD provision and request a demo of In-House Training and Knowledge Centre or take a free trial.

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