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Alex Masters

SBMs: we need to talk!

Many SBMs are worried about their relationship with the SLT. Alex Masters invites you to a new live forum where you can talk openly about your concerns and get expert advice.

‘I’m going to come out and say it. I love my business manager.’ This was the confession from a primary headteacher in his blog. Granted, ‘love’ is a strong word but I highly value the sentiment: as a member of the SLT, this is someone who clearly values and respects his SBM. ‘I can think of no other role that has risen in prominence as much as the school business manager,’ he continues. ‘I can honestly say, that without my business manager, the school would be a poorer place.’ (At this point I’m sure I hear a resounding cheer from somewhere). He adds: ‘I learnt a lot from this person, in particular about the relationship between them and the head/senior leadership team.’ And there’s the rub: one of the main challenges for SBMs is the often-fraught relationship with the SLT. You’ve told us about how challenging your relationship with the SLT can be; how you are often ignored and disrespected; how colleagues often think they know better and try to take over your role (do read the ‘maddening’ conversation between the head and the SBM which would be funny if it weren’t so true). Even those who are well-meaning often simply don’t understand the complexity of your role. Not only is this demeaning and demotivating but it can also be highly stressful. How can SBMs survive, let alone thrive, in such an environment?

Let’s talk

What better way to alleviate this stress than to get together and talk? In our live forum, SBM expert Nickii Messer offers best practice advice and guidance. You have the chance to voice your concerns, share ideas and support each other. Come away knowing that there is a community out there ready to listen and discuss your concerns and, as a result, be more confident about facing the challenges of the school year! We very much look forward to hearing your views!


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