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The Optimus blog

The blog that inspires leaders in the UK education sector

Alex Masters

Charging for activities at your school: the dos and don’ts

Schools are always keen to find new ways to generate income and charging for activities is a common and often lucrative way to do this.

But sometimes the territory is murky and there are certain rules about when you should and shouldn’t charge.

Check out our charging and remissions dos and don’ts infographic - click image to expand.

Model policy template

These tips have been taken from our charging and remissions model policy. Your school needs this policy before it can legally charge for any activity.

To feel confident that your school is fully compliant, download the model policy and tailor it to your specific needs.

This policy has been devised by experts and quality-assured by education lawyers Browne Jacobson so you can feel confident you are doing everything by the book, while raking in that much-needed extra cash for your school.


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